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zhuanmiao_POSTEDON 17/12/18 00:24

•A duct is used to transport air in duct installation of the ventilation.
•Ventilation ducts are the elastic connectors in the installation of the general ventilation.

•High elasticity.
•High rupture and mechanical resisting features.
•Pollution-free, no harmful substances emission during operation.
•The wire is characterized by high elasticity and resistance to frequent change of shape and position.
•Suitable for residential and industrial ventilation.
•Single Layer or Double Layer Aluminium Duct.
•Max Air Velocity:30m/s
•Working Pressure:2500pa
•Temperature range:-30℃-140℃

Item NoNamePackaging Dimension(CM)
TD-171Non-Insulated Air Duct 102mm12x 12 x 47
TD-172Non-Insulated Air Duct 127mm15 x 15 x 45
TD-173Non-Insulated Air Duct 152mm17 x 17 x 40
TD-174Non-Insulated Air Duct 203mm22 x 22 x 40
TD-175Non-Insulated Air Duct 254mm27 x 27 x 40
TD-176Non-Insulated Air Duct 315mm32 x 32 x 40
TD-177Non-Insulated Air Duct 356mm----cheap Inline Fan Accessories