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Wheel Excavator
HNE130 Hydraulic Excavator is self-developed advanced wheel excavators that combine the Japanese and South Korean technology, which is 360°rotation.

The main product features are as follows:
A. The structure parts of the excavators use top quality domestic Q345 steel with smoothly weld appearance. Each weld should pass the defect detecting test and the welding technology matches the international standards, which greatly increase the structural strength, ensure the safety of driving and construction. Shot blasting technology is applied to the machine, which increase the adhesion of the paint, delay the component corrosion, improve the working life of parts correspondingly, remain the beautiful appearance, and maintain the performance as well.
B. The engine of the excavators, Cummins 4BTAA3.9 or Yuchai YC4B100G diesel engine ,can realize the engine automatically increase (decrease) speed fuction through the electronic control system .When choosing the function of automatic idle control ,the electric control system can judge from the working condition of the excavator (with or without operating ) to adjust the speed of the engine automatically according to the set reaction time ,so that it can be reduce fuel consumption and power loss. When the machine waits standby ,the engine will reduce speed automatically through the increase (decrease) speed system ,at the same time the main pump also reduce the flow rate by negative flow system ,and thus minimize the power consumption .The electric control system enable double supercharging of the main overflow valve, thereby improving the opening pressure of main overflow valve so as to increase the power by around 10% .The engine is especially suitable for the excavator to meet the needs of temporary reinforcement ,and achieve some special operating conditions.
C. HNE130 Hydraulic Excavator use Japanese produced pump, Korean multi-way valve and rotary reducer. The hydraulic system is of high reliability, and fine workmanship, and satisfies the operation requirements of harsh working conditions.
D. HNE130 Hydraulic Excavator adopt international leading mechanical running gear, so the machines are suitable for long distance transfer and convenient construction. Advanced mechanical walking, fast running speed, saving the transportation cost. Hydraulic power steering enables the car to work portable and flexible with stable operation.
E. HNE130 Hydraulic Excavator use EATON joints (the world’s top 500 company) and Japanese YOKOHAMA high-pressure hoses (top global brands). The high-pressure hoses resistance, super soft, and the joint is anti-seismic and loose resistance, and suitable for the excavator to work smoothly under various working conditions.
F. Standard HNE130 Hydraulic Excavator is equipped with hydraulic breaking system and quick-change connector, which meet the road construction, mine development and the construction requirements.
G.The advanced CPU monitors the whole car comprehensively, which can provide timely remind when fault occurs, and protect the starter motors intelligently. The design f the excavator is fully comply with the needs of humanity.

Main specifications

Operating weightkg12600
Standard bucketcapacitym30.5-0.7
EngineTypeEngine Model/4BTAA-C115
Direct injection/&#8730;
Four strokes/&#8730;
Water cooling/&#8730;
Turbo charged/&#8730;
Air to air intercooler/&#8730;
No.of cylinders/4
Rated power/speedKW/r/min85/2200
The main performanceTravel speedKm/h5.3/3.1
Swing speedr/min12.4
Ground pressureKPa40
Bucket digging force at power maxKN92.7
Arm crowd force at power maxKN67.6
Hydraulic systemMain pumpTwo plunger pump
Rate flowL/min2×130
Max pressure of systemMPa31.4/34.3
Pilot press settingMPa3.92
Oil capacityFuel tank capacityL200
Hydraulic tank capacityL120
Engine lubricationL19

Dimensions&#12288;&#12288;Unit mm

AOverall length7750
BOverall width2500
COverall height2760
DOverall width of upperstructure2490
ETrack length3460
FOverall width of undercarriage2460
GStandard track shoe width500
HTrack length on ground2745
ITrack gauge1960
JClearance under counter weight880
KGround clearance395
LTail swing radius2290

Working Range&#12288;Unit mm
AMax.digging height8630
BMax.dumping height6020
CMax.digging depth5565
DMax.digging depth of cut for5365
EMax.vertical wall digging depth5115
FMax.digging reach8175
GMax.digging reach8050
HMin.swing radius2115Wheel Excavator